Welcome Booklet

Thank you for choosing our accommodation.

We are at your disposal to help you get the best experience possible at "Les Petites Ecuries"

You will find the inventory in the form of a shared photo album. 

The link to see it will be communicated on the day of your arrival

Our rentals are NON-SMOKING, thank you to benefit from the courtyard to smoke.

In the refrigerator are the first refreshments we offer to you.
We wish you, also, a very good first breakfast.


Telephones of Annie and Frédéric Henry :

+33 628 256 427

+33 139 621 265

+33 607 325 212




Hôpital des courses at 2 km.

19 bis avenue Eglée

78600 Maisons-Laffitte

tel : 01 30 86 36 22


Hôpital de Poissy  at 10 km.

SAMU : 15


A 400m on the right, avenue du General de Gaulle.

POLICE: 17 to contact to see the doctor or the pharmacy on duty.
opposite the station.




Here's a user guide


Cleaning at end of stay:
We ensured that household for a package of € 30 for the studio and 50 € for the appartment.
To give us time to prepare the arrival of our next guests, we ask you to leave the rental at 10 am at the latest.

Sort of garbage:
Three containers in front of the pile of wood at the back of the court:

(Please do not use the 3 containers on the right, pile side of wood)

Green container: bottles, jam jars, bottles food. GLASS ONLY without lids and plugs.
Brown container: paper, cardboard and newspapers own, plastic bottles, cans. PLEASE THROW IN BULK. 

DO NOT THROW OTHER THINGS LIKE: plastic trays, plastic yoghurt pots, fresh packaging, food films, etc. that must be disposed of in the large dark green bin.
Large dark green container everything else. Packaged in a plastic bag please.

Fire Alarm:
For your safety, we installed a smoke detector to warn you of danger while you sleep.
It is very sensitive, cooking fumes or cigarette can trigger the alarm.
To stop the alarm, turn the switch body to reach the battery.
Disconnect the battery. Reconnect and replace the sensor.


Security :
For the tranquility and safety of all, to lock the gate of the yard each time.

In order to lock your location:
Lift the handle at the maximum top, then turn the key in the lock.
To open, turn the key in the lock, then press firmly on the handle.

You have a smoke extractor above the hob.
The switch is on the right.

If you wait for the mail, please look ofen the mailbox at the bottom left of the court.


Toilets :
Do not throw anything down the toilet. THANK YOU.


Thank you to respect the sleep of every guest avoiding footsteps and various machines after 22 hours.


For your pleasure :

We would be happy to see you use the garden salon that we have installed in the courtyard.

If you find a malfunction in the machines at your disposal, please let us know.


Wifi :

The access code will be provided on the day of your arrival.


Navigation is the sole responsibility of the user.
It is forbidden to visit the sites and web pages whose content is prohibited such as pedophilia, pornography, racism, incitement to violence.
Similarly, it is forbidden to copy works protected by copyright.
All internet activities are recorded and can be checked in case of suspected abuse.


Annie and Frédéric wish you a good stay at the "Petites Ecuries"



A few tips :

To visit Paris:

RER every 10 or 15 minutes.
LA DEFENSE in 15 minutes.
Center of Paris (Auber) in 20 minutes.
Euro Disney: Direct 45 minutes.

Benefit transport packages. Buy them at the railway station.
And you will not hesitate to take the subway, even for short distances.

After the last RER, every night, every hour, you can take a bus (NOCTILIEN) at the Gare Saint-Lazare .
Please inquire at the station.

Since you will take the RER, get off at AUBER and join OPERA by corridors. Get out at that station and you will see a beautiful building Napoleon III: The Opera Garnier. At the rear, the “Grands Magasin” (Galeries Lafayette, Le Printemps).

 For a first and very interesting overview , a romantic excursion along the Seine. At night, the boats of the Pont de l'Alma (Metro: Pont de l'Alma), equipped with powerful floodlights illuminate the facades.


To go up to the Eiffel Tower, buy your tickets online, waiting on the spot being very long.

For shopping in Maisons-Laffitte:
Baker (closed Tuesdays) at 100m to the left of General de Gaulle Avenue.
Pharmacies in the town center .
Super-markets: Super U and Leader Price at 800m left, avenue du General de Gaulle.
Grocers opened later in front of the railway station.
Butcher at 500m on the right, avenue du General de Gaulle
In the city center, 10 minutes walk, super-market Casino, bakers, confectioners, butchers, Picard frozen meal, restaurants, pharmacies, delicatessen and a fine grocery known throughout the region, including the exceptionnal wine cellar, "L'Epicerie de Longueil".


More ready, the restaurant "La Forêt" has a large terrace in the quiet, very pleasant in summer


Other good addresses on the page of our site: The Town


The park of the castle, built in the eighteenth century by François Mansart, contain many beautiful houses. Two of them are transformed into gastronomic resraurants.

Around the racetrack, you can admire the stables and watch the racehorses in training.



Anglican Church: Holy Trnity Church, 15 avenue Carnot, Maisons-Laffitte.

Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 7 km, a very commercial city, birthplace of Louis XIV, you will find in the castle, built by François the First, the Museum of National Antiquities (archeology).
Exceptional view of Paris from the terrace of 2400 meters.

You need a large day to visit the Palace of Versailles. Be sure to visit the park, the "Hameau de la Reine" (Porte Saint Antoine) and the little theater of Marie-Antoinette (Petit Trianon).
You can get in the park of the castle with your car by the Porte Saint Antoine, in the turn of the N 184, 4 km after passing over the A13, before entering the town (coming from Maisons-Laffitte and Saint Germain-en-Laye).


To discover more than 150 stories in pictures of Maisons-Laffitte's past, click here